Victory All Access

Victory All Access student registration features:
  • Instant enrollment into iSTAND spiritual warfare course.
  • Auto-enrollment in pre-determined follow-up courses.
  • Auto-enrollment in NEW courses.
  • Access to Victory Shorts.
  • Access to Victory Plans.
  • Lessons and New content released weekly.
  • Take, save, print, and download personal notes.
  • Save your favorite content for easy access.
  • Unlimited downloads of lesson outlines/notes.
  • Easily cancel your subscription anytime.

Victory All Access student registration cost is just $9/month plus a one-time registration fee of $37.

Feature Details:

Each course features fresh, actionable and inspiring video and audio teaching, as well as an interactive, Scripture-based curriculum.

Feature 1-5 minute concise, high-impact videos that provoke thought and promote victorious outcomes.

Daily portions of scripture paired with devotional, audio, or video selections. Think of VICTORY PLANS as your personal library of strategic exercises—not for your body, but for your soul.

Take, save, print, and download all of your personal notes into Microsoft Word documents. You never have to worry about losing notes from inspired thoughts.

Save all of your favorite content for easy access later.

Every lesson in each course module is accompanied by printable lesson notes. Lesson notes are perfect for personal and small group bible study.