A safe space to get victory in every area of your life.

Relevant & Actionable

VICTORYCLASS is a safe space for Christians to get victory in every area of life. Enjoy fresh, actionable and inspiring classes to reinforce your victorious reality in Christ.

God is Faithful

God is faithful to provide a way of escape with every temptation and VICTORYCLASS is here to encourage you down that path of escape.

God is Working

God is working the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY in your life together for good according to His victorious purpose. Discover that purpose with VICTORYCLASS .

Frequently Asked Questions

VictoryClass is a world class online learning platform for Christians. VictoryClass provides a safe space for new and mature believers to reinforce their victorious reality in Christ.

To help you choose the right class for you every class has a page with a detailed description. On this page you will discover what you will learn from completing the class.

Think of VictoryPlans as your personal library of workout plans...not for your body but for your soul. VictoryPlans are free devotionals with carefully selected scriptures paired with audio or video selections to provoke thought and meditation on God's word. VictoryPlans help you work out your own salvation in the Lord. (Philippians 2:12)

VictoryClass seeks instructors with an anointing from God and not fame. So you may not know VictoryClass instructors by name. But we've make it easy for you to get to know instructors on VictoryClass. Each VictoryClass and VictoryPlan (free devotionals) has an “Instructor Bio” section.

VictoryClass employees progressive web app technology. This technology ensures we are able to deliver an app-like user experience that is consistent across all devices. Simply click the “add to homescreen” link in your browser and the VictoryClass icon will be added alongside the other apps on your smartphone.

Classes on the VictoryClass platform range from $27 – $97. We also offer devotionals, called VictoryPlans, at no cost. However, we do not offer any subscriptions at this time.

Depending on where you live, you may be charged taxes in addition to your payment for  classes.

VictoryClass will offer a money back refund under certain conditions. You can read our refund policy here.

is perfect for you if:

  • You need a safe space to get victory over personal struggles or setbacks;
  • You are going through a difficult season in life;
  • You want to do better as a Christian;
  • You want to navigate the issues of life victoriously in Christ; or
  • You want God’s rule in every area in your life.

What students are saying:

"I am learning a lot about why I use to think the way I did and how it affected my life. I understand so much more and see things differently now. So very glad I have this class."
~L. Cole~
"Every lesson presented allows you to reflect on a deeper level and see spiritually so one can fight the battle appropriately. I highly recommend this training for all church leaders."
~Tamika H.~
Youth Minister
"I just sit and take notes. There is so much to learn that's relevant to my life."
~Micheal L.~
"This is a necessary and powerful christian resource. The realness…the searching of scripture…how the Word, especially the difficult things, is broken down to make the application to our lives easy."
~Judi Randle~
Five Star rating by students